You should be dancing….and finding ties to real life experience!

Dancing Fever!

As I prepare for a new school year, a lot of preparation needs to be put into the development of ratio and proportion for the new common core standards in mathematics. I am always on the lookout for new ideas, and I stumbled across a wonderful resource of a blogger named Dan Meyers, who has the most awesome ideas to make learning meaningful and interesting. Look at his materials and I promise you will not be disappointed. Two of his projects that I am so excited about are the 101 questions project  and his extensive list of lesson contributions called Three-Act-math class.

I have some wonderful resources already in place to build the conceptual understanding of ratio and proportion (more on that in another post – upcoming soon), but Dan has really inspired me. I am now constantly looking at the real world and random photographs in a new light – each and every one is an opportunity to present a problem solving experience wrapped up in real life for my students. The three act math class lessons are lesson starters in and of themselves; the 101 questions will be great for anticipatory sets and sponge activities.

While stumbling upon Dan’s ideas, I happened upon a link on the NPR website about an odd hobbyist who makes photographs of tiny people on interesting objects. I love these pictures, like the one I am showing in this post. One is more clever than the next! The students will come up with math related questions concerning the pictures, and these easily lend themselves to the topic of ratio, proportion and obviously scale. My question to them, if they do not develop it themselves, will be to determine the scale of the people in comparison to a real life ipod nano. 


About CathyJeremko

I am a New York State Master Teacher and educator with 15+ years of teaching Mathematics. I have a special interest in technology in education. I am searching for the answers to the future of education, with the understanding that the manner of educating people is exponentially changing. A prospect is associated with the words anticipation, expectation, and looking forward. I am a prospector searching and exploring for the natural resources of people and ideas to improve life through education.
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